Courses are aimed at awarding the student with a GCSE certification. Reading, understanding and memorizing chapters from the Noble Quran. Learning the Fundamentals of Islam, basics of Faith, the five pillars of Islam, an introduction to the laws of Sharia to Fiqh (jurisprudence) and to ethics. Studying the Life of the Prophet, peace be upon him & stories of the first four Caliphs, may God be pleased with them.

Arabic Language –
Classical Quranic Arabic

Pupils are taught Arabic from beginners level up to GCSE, incorporating Arabic Islamic texts.

  • Level 1 Learning the similarities and differences between the Arabic language and the English
  • language. Learning to recognise  Arabic letters by reading and writing the Arabic
  • alphabet, vowels Eg Fatha, Dammah and Kasra, Read simple words and learn simple sentences.
Class Structure
  • Reception: 1 – Basic reading and writing, simple vocabulary and responding to simple instructions in Arabic.
  • Reception: 2 – Forming simple sentences and moving onto more complex sentences in Arabic. Read, Write and understand simple texts.
  • Level 1: – Introducing more vocabulary and expanding on more complex sentences.
  • Year: 1 –
  • Year: 2 –
  • Year: 3 –
  • Year: 4 –
  • Year: 5 –
  • GCSE:


Tajweed is taught from a young age using a colour coded Quran. Rules are taught from year 1 through to GCSC according to the students level of understanding. And One to one recitation is performed for young children to improve their arabic pronunciation.

Islamic Studies

The following topics are taught in both Arabic & English:

Basic beliefs

Oneness of Allah, the messengers of Allah, Angels, divine books, day of judgement and the afterlife.

Five Pillars of Islam

Shahadah, Salah (Namaz), Zakah, Sawm and Hajj

Islamic Morals & Good Character

Respect for one’s parents, maintaining family ties and relationships with the rest of society. Avoidance of lying, cheating, and backbiting, pursuing academic excellence, and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.


Studying the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and its daily implementations.

Quran & Ahadith

Study of selective texts from the two divine sources


I love Islam series
The Forty Hadith for Islamic Schools

Al-Quran Studies

Easy Quran

Link to Easy Quran

Quran Memorisation

Link to Quran Memorisation

Quran recommended for children

Teaching Mus’haf for Children – Mahmoud Al-Hosary