The school provides comprehensive Islamic Education, using modern teaching methods, highly qualified and experienced teachers

About Us

Al-Bayan Weekend Tutorial School was founded in 1994 with the support of the Local Community. The school provides comprehensive Islamic Education, using modern teaching methods, highly qualified and experienced teachers. Why was the Arabic School founded? There was an immediate need to provide quality Islamic and Arabic Education for our children to ultimately be rewarded with GCSE certificates

Aims and Objectives

  • Al-Bayan or Al-fasaha in Arabic means eloquent in English
  • To provide Arabic and Islamic teaching to Muslim children in the Surrey and Berkshire area.
  • To provide children and families with an opportunity to strengthen community ties.
  • To make children aware of Islamic values and their future productive role in British society.
  • Ultimately we aim to foster the development of good character, makram al-ahlaq, and to provide a strong Islamic foundation for our students.
  • We focus on the improvement of moral behaviour, conduct and discipline to encourage and instil  good citizenship and sense of belonging in the local and wider community
  • Al-Bayan establishes activities that encourage girls and boys in the community to persue post 16 years education.
  • Establishing activities and events for youth to encourage them to pursue higher educational achievements which in turn improve their employment and career prospective.

Daily Operations

  • School hours are from 9am until 1pm every Saturday.
  • For student safety parents are required to arrive before 8:50 am, parents arriving late shouls park their cars in the High Street outside the college in allocated public areas.
  • Break time is at 10.30am- 11:00 am, children are encouraged to exercise and socialise during this period.
  • Al-Bayan premises are defined as the ground floor classrooms and the college playground .
  • Students are not allowed to leave Al-Bayan premises unaccompanied.
  • Pupils are given homework every week which needs to be handed in for marking.
  • Permission to leave the school earlier must be sort from both Teachers, Parents and the Headmaster.
  • Students are expected to dress modestly and Islamically.
  • Parents must be prompt, child supervision services are not available before or after school hours.
  • In case of emergency please phone the principal at 07715275182 or the school administrators at 07832229321.
  • School fees are £130 per child per term.

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Al-Bayan Weekend Tutorial School
Strode’s College
High St
TW20 9DR

Contact Details

Principal : 07715275182
Administrator : 07832229321