Al Bayan Tutorial Weekend School: Rules and Expectations


Al-Bayan Tutorial Weekend School’s main objective is to create a safe and happy environment for your children to learn and increase their skills. The school is held at Strode’s College. It is expected that all members of our community will respect the rules and regulations of the College.

Site Expectations

Car speed at the college shall not exceed 5 miles per hour.

Parents must ensure that they arrive to drop off and collect their children on time.

Parents that wish to drive into the College must arrive no later than 8.50am to drop off their child and must be prepared to stay until 9.10am to exit. This is to avoid accidents and injury to any children on the site.

If you cannot wait, please park your car on the High Street. Free parking is available for 30 minutes and walk your children into school. Please be aware that the entrance to Strode’s College is not wide enough to accommodate two-way traffic. When collecting your child please arrive no later than 12.45pm. The school insurance does not cover vehicles on the site before or after this time.

We will not allow your child to leave the school without a written permission after school. Children are not allowed to leave the premises during break under any circumstances.

Our aim is for the safety of all pupils in the school and this rule cannot be compromised. Any parent who break the safety rules will be warned and upon second warning will be asked to relinquish their child’s place and leave the school permanently.

If your child is starting in Reception Classes 1 and 2, please take them straight to their classroom.

Please ensure the Teacher is in the class before you leave.

All other classes from Level 1 to GCSE Level must line up, and walk silently in an orderly fashion with their teacher:

*At  8.55am and follow their teacher to their classes.

*Before the break outside the classroom

*After the break  in the field to their individual  classroom

*At 12: 50 pm After the last class till they reach the field where they are collected by their parents

Reception 1 , Reception 2 children and Level 1 children must be collected from their classrooms.

Children from all other classes must be collected from the field.

No running or talking is allowed in the corridors. There are often other lessons and exams being held on site. Disruptive behaviour can cause disturbance to classes as well as to Strode’s College students.


When parents accept a place for their son or daughter, they confirm that they accept the authority of the Headmaster and of other members of staff to take all reasonable disciplinary or preventative action necessary to safeguard and promote the welfare of each student and the School community as a whole. This policy and the school rules apply to all ABWTS students to ensure that students are able to benefit fully from the opportunities offered.

High standards of behaviour, conduct, manners and discipline are expected of students all times.  Students are expected to behave in a way that is a credit to the school. Students are prohibited from having laser pointers, expensive toys or gadgets. Mobile phones are not allowed to be used during school hours; and will be confiscated if seen in the class. If any items brought to school are lost or broken the school will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

All staff and prefects will endeavour to act as positive role models. This expectation of all members of the school will ensure that a positive example and offer strong moral leadership, so each ABWTS member will make a positive contribution to the society.

Chatting in the morning assembly, corridors whilst walking to the classrooms, field and in the prayer hall is strictly forbidden. Breaking this rule will result in the student detention.

Particular attention is drawn to the following points:

  •  All anti-social conduct or behaviour that brings to school into disrepute whether on the premises or elsewhere, is deemed a breach of school rules.
  • All pupils are expected to know and display common courtesies at all times particularly in the presence of adults and particularly within the classroom.
  • Bullying is not allowed in the school will be dealt with in accordance with the school safeguarding policy.

All staff uphold the following behaviour expectations:

  • Calling out is strictly prohibited in the classroom, students must put their hand up and wait until permitted to speak by the teacher.
  • All students should be aware that the school expects high standards of appearance at all times.
  • Students needing to miss lessons or other school commitments must explain the circumstances to the appropriate teachers in advance and have obtained the permission of the school administrator.
  • Homework shall be handed in, even if the student is absent from class so teachers can mark and give appropriate feedback.
  • To arrive at school on time.
  • No Student is allowed to stay in the classroom during break time.
  • All students will adhere to the behaviour expectations especially after break; when attending Dhuhr prayers and when leaving the school site.

If a student misbehaves in the class, the student will be given a warning by his teacher. Subsequently, parents will be notified by the school administrator. Upon a third warning, parents will be asked to attend the class with their child. If poor conduct continues the student will be forfeit their place at the school.

ABWTS expects from their students the highest standards of excellence, discipline and respect to all members of the community.

Clothing Expectations

There is no uniform for children attending ABWTS. However, children should adhere to the school rules of wearing decent clothes i.e. appropriate clothing to cover the Awraa for both girls and boys. Before leaving home, parents should ensure that children comply with these expectations.

Boys are not to wear tight clothes that show the body. Tracksuits are not allowed at the school and shorts should cover the Awra. Girls should not wear leggings or tight fitting trousers. Short skirts are not allowed to be worn at the school as modesty is advocated. Headscarves are required for girls during their presence at the school.

Parental Responsibilities

Parents agree to the following expectations for their child:

  • Attend all the ABWTS school days
  • Be punctual
  • Work hard during the classes and complete the weekly homework
  • Be well behaved in the school
  • Comply with the school rules of wearing modest clothes
  • Always look smart

Awareness of Islamic values such as brotherhood, kindness, tolerance, responsibility, generosity and dependability is encouraged through the ABWTS syllabus and emphasised at home.

Punctuality and Attendance

Late arrival to the school is not acceptable and a warning will be given to the student. In cases of lateness, the student will lose their place at the school.

If your child is unwell please do not bring them to school. Call the administrator and let her know that they are unwell. If a child/family are absent more than three times in a term without good reason we will issue them with a warning. Persistent absence will result in a loss of a place at the school.

Safeguarding Procedures:

All allegations of abuse by staff against student and vice versa will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly in accordance with government policy and advice from outside agencies. Students, parents and staff must be aware that if any allegations made against staff or students turn out to be malicious or unfounded, the school will deal with the perpetrator(s).

Corporal punishment is strictly prohibited at ABWTS, as stated under section 13.1 of The School Standards and Framework Act (1998).


Rewarding pupils for positive achievements is extremely important to all staff, as part of developing a positive

ethos within the school. The school believes the importance of a culture of praise.

Staff are encouraged to offer students positive feedback on their efforts and achievements and to share positive information about the success of pupils in any aspect of school life. Teachers are encouraged to let parents know when their child has done something worthy of praise.

Academic Rewards

Scholarship: This is given to the student that achieves the best academic progress. The selection process also takes into consideration student’s effort during the academic year in all subjects in addition to his/her discipline and conduct.

Prizes: are awarded at the end of the academic year for the best two students in each class and for each subject.

Homework, Study and Exams

The school is dedicated to an inclusive education for all students. We seek to support those students with special educational needs and this is taken into account when considering progress in subject areas.

Homework is uploaded on the school website by the teacher, so please make sure you visit the website https:// to access the homework.

All Teachers will ensure that the homework is submitted on the website by the next day (Sunday) at noon.

At Al Bayan Tutorial Weekend School (ABWTS) pupils from Year 1 and above will be given Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and Quranic homework every week.

Students must complete their homework, if they fail to do so, they will receive detention and miss their break to finish their homework. If this is recurring the student will be asked to leave and fees will not be reimbursed.

Students in Reception classes and Level 1 only receive Arabic homework and sometimes Quran to memorise.

There are three terms within the academic year. At the end of each term, the student will sit an exam to monitor progress.

Failure to sit the ABWTS exams without a valid reason will result in repeating the academic year. If a valid reason is not given for the student absence during the examination period, the student will relinquish their place at the school.

Student Behaviour Expectations

All students are expected to be courteous at all times. In addition, students are expected to:

  1. Treat all people with politeness and respect, whoever they are and whatever they do.
  2. Greet people around the site: all members of staff and visitors to School.
  3. If you see visitors to school looking lost, offer help to them.
  4. If you approach a doorway at the same time as adults or visitors, you should allow them through the doorway first. Ensure that you do not push ahead.
  5. Open doors for adults and let them go first.
  6. Remember that it is courteous to allow women to go through doors before men.
  7. Address teachers, respectfully through use of titles such as Dr., Mr., Ms. If you are unsure of an adult’s name it is expected that you will address them as ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’.
  8. Ensure that you do not have your hands in your pockets. Be careful to take your hands out of your pocket when talking to members of staff, other adults or school prefects. Also, ensure that you do not have your hands in your pockets when walking in and out of the prayer hall and classes or on similar formal occasions.
  9. Listen attentively to your teachers when they are talking to you; look interested, do not interrupt and wait for your turn to speak. Look at the eyes of the person who is talking to you.
  10. You should add ‘please’ to all requests and say ‘thank you’. Remember that saying, ‘I am sorry’, sincerely, helps when things have gone wrong.
  11. Remember that you are ambassadors for the school at all times; you should be smart, courteous, thoughtful and respectful.