Alsalamu Alaykum

Please see the details for our online lessons:

I have divided the class into 3 groups, each with a 40 minute window. Inshallah this will be a good method going forward. However I can always revise it depending on how tomorrow goes. Please find your name and the time of your lesson below.

Please have a pencil and lined paper prepared


If you don’t have the Zoom app, simply copy and paste the following link into your browser and click Launch Meeting:

If you do have the app you can put in these details:

Meeting ID: 323 024 7549

Passcode: 3VeAIV


Group 1: 11am-11.40am

Siham Chrifi

Simrah Subhan Farooq

Silin Jalab

Sela Jalab

Sarrinah Butt


Group 2: 11.40-12.20

Mu’adh Awan

Owais Rizwan Badar

Sulaiman Mbarek

Adam Balistreri

Suhail Alsudani


Group 3: 12.20 – 1

Salah ElGhor

Aliyah Erriade

Ayyan Khuram

Maria Hanif

Isha Naseem