Please answer questions  1 to 5 in page B11

Please answer question 1 to 6 in page B21


Please choose true or false in front of each statement 

There was a tribe named Quraish lived in an old city called Makkah.                   (True or False)

2. Quraish is the tribe of Prophet Mohammad (May peace be upon him)            (True or False)

3. Mohammad`s grandfather, Abdul Muttalib was the chief of Quraish              (True or False)

4. Abdul Muttalib had a five sons                                                                                 (True or False)

5.Abdullah is the son of Abdul Mutalib                                                                       ( True or False)

6.Abdullah married a kind girl from Quraish called Amena Bent Wahab           ( True or False)

7. Abdullah is the father of Prophet Mohammad                                                      ( True or False)

8. Abdullah died while he was on a business trip to Bilad- Ashaam                     ( True or False)

9. Amena was happy for the death of her husband Abdullah                                 ( True or False)