• Arabic homework : write down the lesson (الخريف والربيع)  on page 70 two times into your exercise book. Do exercises on pages 72, 73 .Spelling test and reading test on page 70. Do exercises on the DVD .
  • Quran homework: learning to read surah  El -Qadr  by using nournia method with spelling .

Understanding the meaning of the surah .

follow by repeating after Shaikh Hussary al  Mualim (teacher)

Memorising the surah with the Shaikh Hussary .

1 al fateha revise by reading after shaikh hussary al mualim
2  go to ABWTS.org.uk
Go to sylabus
Print the file
Study meaning of surah
1 al fateha
2 alkar
  • Norania method homework : Revising lesson 7 (الدرس السابع) and lesson 8 (الدرس الثامن) from the beginning to half page 15 ( third line).