We have covered the following topic during the lesson:

  • Memorise the first 20 names of the 99 names of Allah
  • Understand the name of Allah Alsamee3 ( all hearing)  and how can  you apply the meaning of this name in our life . Please watch the video and write down what did you learn as discussed during the lesson.
  • Hadeeth Shareef
  •                                ” One who Guide to something good has a reward similar to that of its doer “
  •                                   “Non of you will have faith till he loves for his Brother what he loves for himself “
  •                                    “It is part of the excellence of a person1s Islam that he should discard that which is on no concern to him”
  • Please read chapter 4  Ramadan from the new Muslim guide to help you with Ramadan project
  • please bring the poster which shows what do you say when you break your fast during Ramadan as discussed in the classroom