Assalam alikum,

For ALL ABWTS Quran Classes
I am including a link to the  website where you find Shaikh Hussary Al MuAlim with the children .
Please make sure your child repeats with the children to encourage them to memorise the full Quran in Shaa Allah
A Gift To ALL ABWTS students and parents
Shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary AL MuAlim Teacher

Read After Shaikh AlHussary Al MuAlim

20 time each verse
Memorise with meaning
سوره البينه
Aya 1toAya 3
Revise with meaning
Surah Al-Takathor
Surah Al-Zalzalah
With Shaikh Al Hussary Al MuAlim
With meaning as per the link sent to you
Al-Fatiha  الفاتحه
From سوره التكاثرSurah To الناس