Assalam alikum

Revision for Exam
Memorise +Understand the Meaning
AL Fateha
Aya Al Kursi
Al -Adiat  Surah 100
aya 1 to Aya 11
Surah Al-Qareaa
Surah AlKawthar
Surah AlTakathur
Surah Al-Asr
Surah Al -Humaza
Surah AlFeel
Surah Quraish
Surah Al Maooun
Surah Al-Kawthar
Surah Al-Kaferoun
Surah Al Masad
Surah Al Ikhlas
Surah Al. Falaq
Surah Al Naas
Understand Qalqala and apply them on what was memorised
Rules of Noon sakina and Tanween and its  letters
 2-Idgham with Ghunna
3- Idgham without Ghunna
5- Ikhfaa
 Train your self on matching the meaning of the Suras from previous Exams 3-Exercise
Do the following exercise to see if you understand the rules of Tanween and Noon sakinah
Will follow next