Dear Parents,

There will be a practical exam next week for F3, Y1 and GCSE. Here are the questions to be prepared for the exam and some educational materials to be used during the revision. I hope it helps.

(Practical test for wuduaa)

  • Duaa before entering the toilet.       1m
  • What is Tahara? Why is it important?       1m
  • Duaa before Wuduaa.        1m
  • Preform Wuduaa.       1m
  • Duaa after Wuduaa.         1/2m
  • Duaa after leaving the toilet.            1/2m
  • Question Ten
  • Practical assembly of the prayer   1m
  • Duaa when starting the prayer 1m
  • Recite Ayat Al-kursey 1m
  • Recite Al Taheyat                                                     1m
  • What do you say after salah (Khatam A-Salah). 1m


Wudu and Salah-Y1-F3-F2