1- True or false:

  • Muslims must pray 5 times a day.
  • Children should learn prayers by the age of 7
  •  Muslims must be clean and on wudu before starting the prayer.
  •  When you pray, you should face the direction of Makah which is known as the qiblah.
  •  Intention (Niyah) is important not only for prayer but also for all activities of worshiping Allah.
  • Muslims must perform salah regularly, perfectly and on time.
  • Salah is the first pillar of Islam.
  •  The Kabah was ruined by the flood and had to be rebuilt.
  • The chiefs of Quraish were arguing about who moves the black stone to its place.
  •  Prophet Muhamed (SAW) had the wisdom to solve the problem.

2. Please watch the first 3 minutes of this video and make notes: