I love Islam book one:

  • Please answer questions 1 to 4 page B23
  • Please answer questions in the exercise book unit B chapter 3


Question 3: True or False

  • Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was known As-Sadiq- Al Ameen
    (the truthful, the trusted).
  • When prophet Muhammed reached the age of 25 he became
    a merchant.
  • The Ka`bah was ruined in a great flood and had to be rebuilt.
    Allah tested prophet Ibrahim several times.
  • Allah has 99 beautiful names whoever memories them and
    understands their meanings, will enter paradise.
  • Al-Hajar Al-Aswad is the black stone.
  • Prophet Muhammed had a lot of wisdom as he saved everyone from
    a very scary problem.
  • Abdullah bin Abdul Mutalib died while he was on a business trip
    to Bilad- Ashaam.
  • When someone says Jazakum Allah Khairn you say,
    Wa`iyyakum insha`Allah.
  • Prophet Mohammed (SAW) was an orphan.