Alsalamu Alaykum all

This week we covered 2 new letters, focusing especially on “makharij ulhuroof” meaning the articulation points of the letter so that the student will learn to correctly pronounce each letter helping both with speaking in arabic and reading the quran inshallah.

this weeks letters were:

 light and twinky ‘taa’ ت

strong and heavy ‘ta’ ط

while doing the homework this week please emphasize the difference between the two letters. this youtube video will provide the correct pronunciation

also please complete the following worksheets and bring them in next week:

light and twinkly ta homework

strong and heavy ta HW

i would also like to mention how pleased i am with the students so far, they have been very attentive, well mannered and enthusiastic mashallah. inshallah this will carry on throughout the whole year

if you have any questions, queries or feedback please email me at: [email protected]

thank you all