Alsalamu Alaykum

As you know, your test will be next week.

i would like you please to revise:

  • thikr : UNIT C CHAPTER 6
  • types of sadaqah: Page c65
  • key figures from the seerah for example:
    • waraqah ibn nawfal page d14
    • abu bakr page d21
    • omar ibn al khattab page d22
    • uthman ibn affan page d23
    • ali ibn abi talib page d24
    • abu jahl  page d29
    • bilal ibn rabah page d31

inshallah the test will be very easy so I don’t want you to stress too much as I know you have other exams and school work to focus on

if you need anything please message me 07961292737 [email protected] and I’ll answer asap