Dear parents,

This week we have covered 3 new letters (خ ح ج) so please complete the worksheets and bring them in next week, don’t  forget to memorise the new words for letter ج (Camel: جمل – Bell جرس – Carrot جزرة – Cheese جبن )

words starts with letter ج , write letter Jeem , write letter Haa ح , write letter Khaa


Also this week we have started Thuhr prayers for all of the school at 12:40 in cooper’s hall (parents are welcome to join). Please if you can prepare your child to make WUDOO before coming to the school and if you do not know how to make Wudoo here is a worksheet that shows the steps for it that you can print off for your children to encourage them to make Wudoo more often.

Wudoo 1 , Wudoo 2 , Wudoo 3 ,Wudoo 4

Note: Arabic exam due 23/11/19  please ask your child to practice how to join the letters (beginning- middle- end of the word) this sheet will help:

Joining up Arabic letters 

If you have any questions please email me at:  [email protected]

Thank you all.