Asalam Alikum

Practice Makhraj Al-huroof (the letters are coming out from where) ie: ( غ ع ح خ هـ ء ض ب م) and huroof Al-Maad (elongation letters): (ا و ي )  the sketch has been given to your kids.

Dear parents,

Please write on google search Al-Bayan week End Tutorial School.Org.Uk     then go to the selection Bars on the RHS select Syllabus Select Al-Quran Studies  select for mobile or laptop  select the reciter Al-Shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary Al-Mualim (الشيخ محمود الحصري المعلم) select translation or meaning English or Arabic  select 1 surah Al-Fatiha  children to listen daily 10 times by repeating after the Shaikh Al-Hussary.

Thank you