A salaam Alikum ,

Note: I have sent with your child their exercise book 1 (Lets’ Read) هيا نقرأ .This is for the exam revision and homework. Please make sure they do the homework and bring the book next Saturday to correct it (this time you don’t need to print the homework).

For the homework : Do exercises on page :(  73+72  )+ ( 57+58  )+ ( 28+29 ) خ+ح+ج

                                                                                        Arabic Exam next week 23-Nov

As you know Foundation 2 will be having their exam next week , so please begin revision on all letters and words that we have learned (د ذ ر ز و ج ح خ)

focusing on :  1- How to write the letter on the line.          2- How to join the letters at the Beginning/Middle/ and End of the word whether the letter is friendly or unfriendly Letters.

3- The words learned with each letter with their meaning in English.              4- How to separate the words into letters.

5- How to join the letters into words.                6- The Long and Short Madd.                               7- And (oral test) pronouncing the letters with Harakat in Al-Nooraniyah Method (القاعدة النورانية) you can use you-tube.

Revision for the exam:

Revise lessons on pages:(3-16)+(24-31)+(46-59)+(68-74)+(89-95).

Good Luck everyone and see you next week.