Welcome 2016 Our First Day of Term

Dear Parents,
Assalam alaikum. I would like to welcome you all back to our new term and would like to extend a special welcome to our new parents. Alhamdullilah the first day went well and all the students seemed to have settled in quickly.

The teachers have assessed most of the new students and they should know which class they are in but if you are unsure please let me know and we can clarify the matter. Please encourage your child to work hard throughout the year. We have prize giving at the end of the academic year and we celebrate students hard work and success. Each year the headmaster awards a year scholarship to the best achiever throughout the year in all three subjects; Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies and this year it went to Imran Attabou.

In the next week or so Prefects and Assistants will be appointed. From Mr Ayman’s class up to GCSE. Mr Ayman will appoint from his class but the rest of the classes will be appointed by voting in their respective classrooms. We will announce the outcome in the coming weeks.

We will be starting to issue books for students as of next week. For both Receptions and Level 1 classes the books will be kept in the school cupboard but will be given homework sheets. Homework will be sent out next week for the whole school.

This week we did not send out homework as some of the students were being assessed and put in the suitable classes.

Our Autumn School Fair will be held on Saturday after school from 1:30 to 4:30pm at Manorcroft Primary School, Wesley Drive, Egham TW20 9LX. Please come and support the school. It is a great opportunity to meet other parents and for the children to spend fun time together. We are also raising funds to help keep down the school fees down. Family and friends are very welcome. FAB Team would like donations as sent out in the poster earlier this week and they need a few gazebos in case of rain.

Saturday will be a normal studying day so please arrive early and line up according to your new class. Reception classes 1 & 2 (Mrs Hiba and Mrs Rana), parents please go directly to class to drop off your children and pick them up from the classrooms at 12:50pm. For the safety of your children, please collect your children from the field where they lined up in the morning.

The Karate and Judo Club will restart next week, 7 October so that you can enjoy the Autumn Fair.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday inshAllah.


Nadia El-Taji

Kind regards
Nadia El-Taji

September 28th, 2016|