The Sons of Adam (chapter A unit 3)

1-Answer questions in page A29 from Q1 to Q5

2- Answer Question in worksheet chapter A unit 3

 3. True or False

  1. Allah sent Adam to live with his wife on earth
  2. Habeel and Qabeel are cousins
  3. Qayn is another name of Habeel
  4. Allah ordered Habeel to marry one girl and Qabeel to marry another girl
  5. Habeel and Qabeel accepted Allah `s order without a problem
  6. Allah told the two brothers to make a qurban for him.
  7. Allah accepted the qurban from both Habeel and Qabeel
  8. Qabeel was a good person
  9. Habeel was a good person, He loved Allah and be always thought of Allah first
  10. Jealousy is bad habit to have because it might lead to a crime
  11. Habeel was modest as he was stronger than Qabeel but he did not kill his brother
  12. None of you us will be a true believer until we loves for our brother what we loves for ourselves
  13. When we get angry or jealous we become week and a good target for Shaytan
  14. Shaytan can lead us to Hell
  15. Taqwa means to fear Allah and believe that Allah is watching you all the time
  16. Always do good things to people and avoid hurting other people feelings