Please answer the question in page B21 book2

2. Answer the question in the worksheet unit B chapter 2

3. True or false:

  1. Prophet Ibrahim was born in the year of the Elephant
  2. Abdullah Ibn- Abdul Mutalib is the father of Prophet Mohamed (SAW)
  3. Abdul-Muttalib died a few months after his marriage .
  4. Khadijah is the mother of the prophet Mohamed (SAW)
  5. Khadija was the first wife of the prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be up on him).
  6. When you hear the name of the prophet Mohammad, you should say Sala Allah alyahy wasalam or peace and blessing be up on him.
  7. Abu Talib is Mohammad`s uncle.
  8. Ali ibn Abu Talib is Mohammad`s cousin.
  9. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) had 4 daughters and one son from Khadija
  10.  Zainab , Ruqaia, Um-Kulthom and Fatima are the daughters of  Prophet Mohammad (SAW)
  11.  Al Quassem is the son of the prophet Mohammad (SAW).
  12. Al Quassem lived for 20 years