1- I love Islam book 2 text book-unit A chapter1- Page A17(Q1 to Q6)

I obey Allah
2. True or false
1. Allah created the first human out of iron.
2. Noah was the first man Allah ever made
3. Adam has a mother and father
4. Mohamed (SAW) was the first prophet
5. The story of Adam teaches us how important it is to obey Allah
6. All the angels bowed down to Adam including Iblees
7. Jinn are made out of fire
8. Angels are made out of light
9. Allah ordered all Angels to bow down to prophet Adam to show their respect
10. Iblees was not an angel.
11. We must not listen to Shaytan to do bad things.
12. Whenever shaytan tells you to do something wrong, or when you feel like being bad, you should say “ I ask Allah to protect me from the cursed Shaytan.
13. Allah taught Adam the names of everything
14. Allah had created a women from Adam`s rib and she became Adam`s wife.
15. Prophet Adam and his wife lived in Jannah (Paradise) forever