1- To answer the questions from the textbook unit A chapter 7  – Q1 to 7 page # A73

2. Please Answer the questions from the worksheet unit A chapter 7

3. True or false

  • Luqman is a wise man. There is a surah in the holy Quran named after him.
  • O my son, indeed if it would be the weight of a mustard seed and should be in a rock or anywhere in the heavens or on the earth, Allah will bring it forth. Indeed Allah is knowledgeable.
  • Allah cannot see a tiny ant moving fast on a black rock
  • When you are by yourself with no one around you, you are alone and nobody can see you.
  • When you whisper to your friend and you think no one else can hear you, Allah can.
  • Allah has full knowledge of all things
  • Al-Aleem means Allah is All –knowing
  • Al-Baseer means Allah is all-seeing
  • Al-Khabeer means Allah is all aware
  • Taqwa is great and a good character to have. It gives you good rewards.
  • Indeed, God loves the righteous
  • Before you eat you should say Bismillah Alrahman Al-Rheem
  • Indeed, from Allah nothing is hidden on the earth nor in the Heaven.

Chose the correct answer from the brackets:

  • Try your best not to sin, because sins (displease-please) Allah and hurt you.
  • You should always do what is right because (Allah-your Mum-your friend) knows all secrets.
  • Al-Aleem means Allah is (All knowing-All seeing- All aware)
  • Al-Baseer means Allah is (All knowing-All seeing- All aware)
  • Al-Khabeer means Allah is (All knowing-All seeing- All aware)