Year 1-Islamic studies-Amin-03-02-2018

Islamic Studies

  • I love Islam book 2-Unit A-Chapter 4 -page A37 question 1 to 5
  • Exercise book  Unit A-Chapter 4
  • True or False
  • Allah is the Creator of everything
  • The people of Ur worshipped the Sun and Moon
  • Ibrahim liked the uselessness of the statues
  • Ibrahim’s father was called Azar
  • The first time Ibrahim visited the idols, he destroyed all of them except the biggest one
  • The people were angry that their idols were broken
  • When the people asked Ibrahim, he admitted what he had done straight away
  • The people forgave Ibrahim
  • The people were going to burn Ibrahim
  • When they threw him into the fire, he died
  • Iraq is an African country
  • Iraq has two long rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates
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