Do the following exercises in your Arabic Homework Exercise Book:

Translate to Arabic:

What, When, Where, Which, Who, Why and How and make sentences with each in Arabic.  Write the meaning of the Arabic sentence in English.


I, We,  You (M),  You (F),  He, She, They,  and makes sentences with each and write the meaning in English.

Using Arabic CD, do the exercise in page 10 and 11

Print & trace the following page:

Page 22

Quran Home work: ( Mr Sami)

Recite Al-Fatahah after shaikh mahmoud Al-Hussary Al MuAllim (teacher ) for children
Daily 5 times
Understand what is the meaning of
اعوذ بالله
من الشيطان
بسم الله
الحمد لله
Apply al Fateha in your daily life
Say بسم الله
when you start any activity say
Coming to the house
Before Eating
Before Doing Your Home Work etc
Say الحمد لله
when you finish any activity
After finishing your meal , home work, playing etc

Write down the above words in Arabic with Tashkeel
Fatha Damma kasra Soukoun