1. Please answer questions in page E39 from Q1 to Q6 in text book 2
  2. Memorise Hadeeth in page E37

2.Please answer the following questions:

True or False

  1. Suhoor is the meal that Muslims eat before Fajr
  2. Iftar is the meal we eat to break our fast
  3. Muslims pray a-taraweeh everyday in Ramadan
  4. The special gate of paradise for people that fast is called Al-rayyan
  5. Ramadan is 20 days long
  6. Hajj is the second pillar of Islam
  7. Hajj and Umrah are the same
  8. If you are able to go for Hajj, you should go as soon as possible.
  9. The second Eid is in the month of Thul-Hajjah (The last month of the Islamic calendar)
  10. The first Eid is called Eid -al-fitr which comes after the month of Ramadan.
  11. Fasting is allowed during the first day of Eid