Alsalamu alaykum

this weeks homework: 03.03.18 HW

As you know, the arabic exam will be held this saturday (03/03/18). Unfortunatley, because there was no school today we were unable to prepare for the exam. however, in the homework, i have given a taster of the type of question to be expected.

students must know:

– what the alphabet looks like in order from  أ  to  ظ

– the 2 words which begin with each letter (if you are unsure about these, pleases consult previous homeworks)

– the arrows which show how each letter is written (again, if needed,please consult previous homeworks)

– what each letter looks like written on the line

-please make sure you write from right to left as marks will be deducted if you dont

-students who wish to push themselves can practise what the letters look like at the start of words (as shown by one of the exercises in this weeks homework). If you feel as though this is too difficult for you, that is fine- only do what you can!

Thank you every one. Have a good week and I will see you on Saturday inshallah!