True or false

  1. Quarish increased the pressure on the new believers to give up Islam
  2. There was a good christian king named E-Najashi in Habasha who supported Muslims
  3. Othman Ibn Affan was one of the first believers of Islam
  4. Othman was rich , kind and gentle, he was one of the great supporter of islam
  5. Othman married Ruqaia bent Mohamed (SAW)
  6. Prophet Mohamed (SAW) sent Othman and his wife and ten men and five women to Habasha secretly
  7. Omar Ibn Al-Khattab was a powerful man in Quarish who wanted to kill the prophet
  8. Omar Ibn-Alkhattab accepted islam because he liked Quraan when he listened to his sister
  9. If you have been greeted , answer with a better greeting or answer with the same
  10. Allah has 99 beautiful names, he is the provider, the creator, the shaper, the inventor and all seeing.