Home work

  1. The life of the prophet (Seerah) from the great light book 6  (Prophet hood):

Please study the following statements:

  • Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was about forty years old when he started to have a bad dreams
  • In the dreams he saw great lights, he heard voices and he had strange feelings.
  • Prophet Mohamed used to go to cave Hira
  • Prophet Mohammed spend most of the times thinking  about who created every thing around him.
  • Angel Gibril appeared to the prophet Mohamed (SAW) while he was in the Cave of Hira
  • Angel Gibril asked the prophet Mohamed (SAW) to read the beginning of surat Alalaq three times (Read)
  • Prophet Mohamed (SAW) was confused and worried
  • Khadijah (the wife of the prophet) helped him to calm down and asked him to see her cousin (Waraqah)
  • Waraqah was a wise old man with a lot of knowledge.
  • Waraqah advised Mohamed (SAW) that he will be a prophet and he will have a great future.
  • 2. Belief
  • The five pillars of islam are Shahada, Prayer, obligatory charity, Fasting and Hajj.
  • Shahada means belief = to certify that there is no God but Allah and prophet Mohamed (SAW) is his servant and messenger.
  • 3. Allah has 99 names we must believe in  them.
  • Allah is the creator, the shaper, the inventor, the provider, the first