True or False

  1. Shahada is the first pillar of Islam
  2. Shahada means to belief and testify that there is no God but Allah and Mohamed SAW is his servant and messenger
  3. Salah is the third pillar of Islam
  4. Muslims pray 6 times every day
  5. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was well known in Makkah for his truthfulness, honesty and his fair judgement
  6. Al Kaabah was ruined by flood and people in Makkah wanted to rebuild it
  7. The leaders of Quraysh were arguing about who will have the honor of carrying the Black Stones
  8. Prophet Mohamed SAW had the wisdom to solve the problem
  9. Prophet Mohamed SAW taught the people of Makkah the joy of Sharing and team work
  10. Kadijah was the first wife of the prophet Mohamed (SAW)