True or False

  1. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) had all the respect and admiration of the people in Makkah
  2. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was unhappy with the way people lived in Makkah
  3. The people of Makkah used to worship idols
  4. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) started to go to the cave of Hira, thinking about everything around him and how to change the bad habits of the people around him
  5. Khadijia (first wife ) and Abu Bakr (best friend) were worried about prophet Mohammed as he started to spend more time in the cave of Hira
  6. Tawra and Ingeel are holy books that had an idea about the expected messenger
  7. Allah is the creator
  8. The third pillar of islam is Zakah
  9. Allah is the provider
  10. The Key to prayer is cleanliness
  11. Enter the bathroom with left foot and say “O Allah I seek refuge in you from eviel”
  12. Leave the bathroom with the right foot and say “your forgiveness” or Gufranak