R2- Islamic studies-Amin-02-02-2019

True or False:

  • The key to prayer is cleanliness
  • Muslim use the left hand in keeping personal hygiene
  • Muslims enter the bathroom with right foot and say “O Allah, I seek refuge in you from evil”.
  • Muslims leave the bathroom with right foot and say “Gufranaak” Your forgiveness.
  • You praise Allah who has delivered me from harm and who has forgiven me.
  • Things that invalidating the Wodoo are deep sleep, loss of consciousness, urination, defection, breaking wind, anything that prevents the contact of water to skin, like waxes or nail polish.
  • Prayer is obligatory for every Muslim.
  • Prayer is the basis of religion
  • Prayer is important for purifying the spirit
  • there are five prayers throughout the day and night
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