True or false

  1. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was about twenty years old when he started to have a bad dreams
  2. In the dreams he saw great lights, he heard voices and he had strange feelings.
  3. Prophet Mohamed used to go to cave Hira
  4. Prophet Mohammed spend most of the times thinking  about who created everything around him.
  5. Angel Gibril appeared to the prophet Mohamed (SAW) while he was in the Cave of Hira
  6. Angel Gibril asked the prophet Mohamed (SAW) to read the beginning of surat Alalaq three times (Read)
  7. Prophet Mohamed (SAW) was confused and worried
  8. Khadijah (the wife of the prophet) helped him to calm down and asked him to see her cousin (Waraqah)
  9. Waraqah was a wise old man with a lot of knowledge.
  10. Waraqah advised Mohamed (SAW) that he will be a prophet and he will have a great future.
  11. Prophet Mohamed started secretly to talk about Islam to people he trusted
  12. Ali ibn abo Talib was the first man to accept islam
  13. Abo Baker was the first youth to accept islam
  14. Khadijah was the first women to accept islam
  15. Bilal was the first caller for the prayer in islam