Islamic studies:

Question1:  please match the write answers between the column 1 and 2

Column 1                                                             Column 2
1. Amana bent Wahb                                    The wet nurse of the prophet
2. Abdul Allah                                                The father of the prophet
3. Abdul Almutalib                                        The mother of the prophet
4. Halimah Asadeih                                       The grandfather of the prophet

Question 2: Re arrange the five pillars of Islam in the correct order

(ZAKAT, Hajj, Fasting (Sawm), SALAH, Shahadah)

Question 3: True or False

  1. Allah is watching you all the time Allah is all seeing
  2. Allah created everything from nothing (Allah is the creator)
  3. The first pillar of Islam is  Shahadah
  4. Um Ayman was the mother of prophet Mohammad (SAW)
  5. Halima Asadeih was the wet nurse of Prophet Mohamed (SAW)