Assalam o Alaikum,
The Quran exam is coming very soon, so for you all;hope you are going to do well.
Your Homework for next week:
1. Drow 2 tables one for Noon and Tanween rules and the second one for Meem Rules and include all what you find in sourat Ateen wa Zaitoon.
2. Memorise sourat Al-qader and Ateen wa Zaitoon.
3. Prepare your Homework books to be collected on 1st of June

What to prepare for the Quran exam and when??
The Quran exam will be on 1st of June and 15th of June.
On 1st of June you will be asked to memorise:
1. AlBayyinah.
2. AlQader.
3. Ateen wa Azaitoon.
4. AlAdiyaite.
And I am going to ask you to deliver your Homework book.
On 15th of June:
1. Study all the Tajweed rules we covered.
2. Study the meaning of AlQader, Ateen wa Azaitoon and AlFateha.