It is a Must for Parents to Download the voice of

Shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary Al-Mualim

محمود الحصري المعلم


Supervise their children by Coaching them to perform  their Home work as described below

Please do NOT Teach your children let Them learn from Shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary Al-Mualim

Set for them :

1-the surah to be learned

2- The number of the Aya to be repeated  say 20 times

3- The number of the section to be repeated

Explain to them how they can manipulate the software

Download The Quran Voice of sheikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary Al mualim (Teacher)From internet

محفظ الوحهين



Surah Al-Fateha

Aya Al-Kursi  255 surah al Bakara البقره


by reciting after sheikh Hussary

Memorise the Surah‘s

well  and

Aya Al-Kursi



Surah Al Falaq

Surah Al-Nass

same as the Shaikh  recitation

Listen to the meaning of the Surah’s.