Notes To the ABWTS Parents
1-I can see that some parents are not coaching their children to listen to shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary Al-Mualim
2-Teach your children to Open and listen to the Quran Daily as a Daily Routine
3–It is a Must for Parents to Download the voice of
Shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary Al-Mualim


سوره المسد-1
With meaning

2-Surah Al-Fateha
3-Aya Al-Kursi surah al Bakara البقره verse 255
4-Surah Ikhlas
5-Surah AlFalaq
6-Surah AlNass
by reciting after sheikh Hussary Al Mualim

Listen to the meaning of the above Surahs And understand the meaning
40 times each aya minimum till you memorise it perfectly
Parents to Explain to their children how to manipulate the software