Assalam alaikum,

No Study =No Brake
Memorise  after shaikh Al-Hussary al-Mualim
Surah Al-Takathour سوره التكاثر
Understand Qualquala قلقله Memorise the letters of Qualquala
حروف القلقله
ق ط ب ج د
قطب جد
The Glorifying letters
خ.  ص  ض  غ ط ق  ظ
Listen to the following youtube video on the arabic alphabets
Understand the meaning of idgham without Ghuna
The letters of idgham without ghuna are
ر.  ل
connected by the world رل
2- understand the meaning of Idgham ادغام وهو ادخال الحرف في الحرف ie Merging both letters
Idgham with Ghunna
Is to merge the letters of idgham with The Noon salina or tanween and bringing a Nice Noise like the dear noise from your Nostrils
Letter of idgham with Ghuna
ي ن م و
Connected in one word ينمو
If these letters appear AFTER  noon sakina   Or Tanween we merge the 2 letters to become one  Search the mesning on the internet and give 5 Examples of what you have memorise
2-Revise all other surah with meaning after Shaikh HussaryAl-Mualim
the meaning
Surah Al-Fateha
Surah Al -Feel
Surah Al-Asr
Surah Al-Humaza
Surah Quraish
Surah Al-Maoun
Surah Al-Kouthar
Surah Al-Nasr
Surah al-Masad
Surah Al-Iklas
Surah Al-Falaq
Surah Al-Naas