Assalam alaikum,

  • Rules of Noon sakina
    Al-Ikhfaa الاءخفاء
    Understand the meaning of Ikhfaa in the Rule of Noon sakina and Tanween
    2- understand the meaning of Izhar and memorise the letters of Izhar
    ء ه ع ح غ خ  the letters of throat
    Understand that the letters of Izhar comes after the noon sakina and Tanween
    2- Idgham without Ghunna
    Understand the meaning
    Know the letters of idgham without ghunna   ر ل
    Understand the location of these letters after tanween and noon sakina
    3- Idgham with Ghunna understand the meaning
    Knowing the letters of Idgham with Ghunna  ي ن م و
    Understand where the location of these letters
    Being able to recognise these rules
    In the Mushaf in your hand
    Rule 4- is Iqlab الاقلاب
    When the letter ب appear after Noon sakina or tanween
    The ن or Tanween are pronounced م without closing the mounth and you find a letter م above tanween or noon sakina   م/   etc
    Now the fifth Rule of noon sakina and Tanween is called Ikfaa اخفاء  which means hiding the noon sakina or tanween and the noon sakina and tanween are  pronounced between the  the Izhar and Idgham with ghunna
    The letters of ikfaa
    حروف   الاخفاء are =
    (The arabic alphabet -( letters of Izhar -letters of idgham with ghunna – letters of idgham without ghunna -letter of Iqlab ب) 15 letters
    Memorise 5 Ayas of Syrah العاديات.  )