Assalam alaikum,

On Revision and memorisation Every Student to Emphasise on the pronunciation of the arabic letter  in the Quranic text try to imitate  Shaikh Hussary Al-Mualim pronounciation of the arabic Letters in his recitation
2-Memorise after Shaikh Hussary Al-Mualim
3-understand meaning of the Surahs
Quran meaning are on Al-Bayan Week End Tutorial school website
2-Surah Al-Ikhlas
3-Surah Al-Nasr
4-Surah Al-Bayana
Tajweed Year1
1-Rule of Izhar of Noon Sakina and Tanween
2- Rule of Idgham with Ghunna
3- Rule of Idgham  without Ghunna
Get 3 examples of the surah above