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All Teachers add this section in the homework
••••>Here is the Treasure <•••••
Shaikh Al-Hussary  al-Mualim with children
Listen and repeat with ghe children after the shaikh
Foundation 1
listen to the Fatiha
Reciter shaikh Mahmoud
Al -Hussary
Recite after Him
Learn  the Meaning اعوذ  بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
And the meaning of
All verses of
Apply the Surah when you enter your house
When you Do any activity
You start by saying
Verse 1 of Al -Fatiha
When you finish
You say verse 2
When  you walk  or  sit  repeat verse 3 etc
Apply the Fatiha in your daily life
Say verse 1 when you start any thing example eating ,learning  , when you enter your house
Praise Allah by thanking him verse 2
Praise Allah all time when you sit when walking etc
Surah number is 112
In chapter 30 page 604
With meaning