• Please read Page 42 and 43 from the online book the new Muslim guide; see link below:
  • https://dakwah.org.my/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/The-New-Muslim-Guide-English.pdf
  • Please answer the following questions

Q1. True or false:
– All prophets came with the same message, they called to the worship of Allah alone without associating anyone in worship with him
– The first pillar of Islam is Al Shahada
– Al Shahada (Belief) means There is no God worthy of worship except Allah and that Mouhamed is the Messenger of Allah
– The first thing a non muslim need to do to become Muslim is prayer
– Laa ilaaha illaallah is important because it is the first duty of Muslim to accept and declare the faith and believe in it.
– Whoever say Laa ilaaha illaallah sincerely believing in it and seeking Allah pleasure, will be saved from the hellfire as prophet Muhammed (SAW) said
– Whoever dies believing in Laa ilaaha illaallah will be admitting into Paradise
– knowledge of Laa ilaaha illaallah is the greatest and the most important duty of Muslim
– The Arabic word illah (God) means any being that is worshiped, However the only one who is worthy of worshiping is Allah
– Whoever sincerely worship Allah following the Allah and the prophet teaching will certainly live a happy live.
– Allah mentioned in Qur`an “whoever does good whether male or Female and he is a believer, we will most certainly make him live a happy live”

Q2. What does the name of Allah Al Aziz means?