1. I love Islam Book 2- unit A- Chapter 5-Page A47-Question 1 to Question 4
  2. Exercise book-Unit A-Chapter 5
  3. True or false:  

1. After prophet Adam died people started to forget what prophet Adam had taught them

2. Allah chose prophet Nuh to be the next prophet after prophet Adam to remind people to be good again

3.Prophet Nuh worked hard to tell people to worship Allah alone and to stop doing bad things again

4.Allah warned the people of Nuh if they do not stop worship idols and stop their bad deeds, Allah would punish them.

5. Prophet Nuh taught his people to worship only Allah for 950 years

6. everyone listened to Prophet Nuh and believed in Allah without a problem

7. Allah told prophet Nuh to build a great  palace

8. We should laugh at our neighbour if he/she is building a shed

9.People of Nuh  did  not understand why Nuh is building an ark and started to laugh at him

10.Prophet Nuh took one pair of each living animal only female animals

11. Allah saved prophet Nuh and all the good people from the great flood using the ark

12. Yam is the prophet Nuh`s brother,  did not get on the Ark

13 Yam did to major sins by disbelieving in Allah and disobeying his father

14. The prophet Nuh`s ark rested on a mountain called mount Judi

15. Allah never break his promises and he is the only one to put all our trust on.