Please Answer the following question

True or False

1-Khadija was the first wife of the prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be up on him).

2-When you hear the name of the prophet Mohammad, you should say Sala Allah alyahy wasalam or peace and blessing be up on him.

3- Abu Talib is Mohammad`s uncle.

4- Ali ibn Abu Talib is Mohammad`s cousin.

5- Prophet Mohammad (SAW) had 4 daughters and one son from Khadija.

6- Zainab , Ruqaia, Um-Kulthom and Fatima are the daughters of  Prophet Mohammad (SAW).

7- Al Quassem is the son of the prophet Mohammad (SAW).

8- Al Quassem lived for 20 years.

9-Allah is the provider.

10. Al-Shadah means the belief which is one of the five pillars of Islam.