True or false:

  • Prophet Muhammad (SAW) travelled to Taef but the people threw stones at him.
  • Prophet Muhamdad took Zaid Ibn Haritha with him
  • Zaid Ibn Haritha was the adopted son of prophet Muhammed (SAW)
  • The year of sadness is the year when prophet  Muhammad`s dearest wife Khadija and his uncle AbouTaleb passed away.
  • The Night Journey (Miraj & Isra) in which Angel Gibril took Prophet Muhammad from Makkah to Jerusalim.
  • Jerusalim is a holly city in Palestine  in which the Aqsa Mosque is in now.
  • The Aqsa Mosque is important for Muslims. It has a holly rock that the prophet stood on to go up to heaven.
  • Prophet Mouhamed thanked Allah for this important visit. It was one of Allah`s miracles.
  • The disbeliever did not believe the prophet and challenged him.
  • Please watch the video about Miraj & Isra (the night Journey)

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