• Reading test on page 60 lesson (ضَـاعـتِ الـكُـرَة).

  • Spelling test on page 61 the new words with their meanings in Arabic lesson (ضَـاعـت الـكـرة).

  • Revise lessons from page 40 to 65 lesson (فـي الـمـتـجـر الـكـبـيـر) to (ضَـاعـت الـكـرة).

  • Revise {the prepoition حروف الجر – the verb (present tense) – Lam Qamareiah اللام القمرية – masculine & feminine nouns الأسـم الـمـذكـر و الـمـؤنـث }.

  • Practice on the dialogue that learnt in class.

  • Do exercises on DVD.

  • Do attache sheet (mock test) Year 2 Arabic mock test March 2022