I) Write the Arabic alphabet
2) Repeat with the Reader الدرس العاشر القاعدة النورانية نور محمد حقانى

3) Repeat with the Reader الدرس الحادى عشر القاعدة النورانية نور محمد حقانى_1

4) Arabic Book
• CD : Do the letterأ
• Arabic Book Read the following Pages 26 – 29, do the exercises from the Arabic Book,
English Arabic English Arabic
Man My mouth
Bed My nose
Train My ear
Pomegranate My eye
Feather My hair
A Lion Ahmed is throwing the ball
A Swing The boy is running
A Pear The girl is jumping with the rope
He eats

Islamic Studies:
A) Memorize At-Tashahhud and As-Salatul Ibraheemiyyah on Page C39 from I the Book “I LOVE ISLAM 1” , listen , read and memorize

B) Translate to Arabic and write the meaning of
English Arabic Meaning
The Creator
The Maker
The Shaper
The One
The Self-Sufficient
The Living
The Self-Existing
The Most High
The Great
The Loving One

C) Read Chapters Unit A 3-4 from the Book “I Love Islam 1” Answer the questions Page A29 and Page A39
D) Trace and copy the following pages