Arabic Homework for L1-AA-Arabic-20 Jan 2018

I) Write the Arabic alphabet
2) Repeat with the Reader الدرس العاشر القاعدة النورانية نور محمد حقانى

3) Repeat with the Reader الدرس الحادى عشر القاعدة النورانية نور محمد حقانى_1

4) Arabic Book
• CD : Do the letterأ
• Arabic Book Read the following Pages 26 – 29, do the exercises from the Arabic Book,
English Arabic English Arabic
Man My mouth
Bed My nose
Train My ear
Pomegranate My eye
Feather My hair
A Lion Ahmed is throwing the ball
A Swing The boy is running
A Pear The girl is jumping with the rope
He eats

Islamic Studies:
A) Memorize At-Tashahhud and As-Salatul Ibraheemiyyah on Page C39 from I the Book “I LOVE ISLAM 1” , listen , read and memorize

B) Translate to Arabic and write the meaning of
English Arabic Meaning
The Creator
The Maker
The Shaper
The One
The Self-Sufficient
The Living
The Self-Existing
The Most High
The Great
The Loving One

C) Read Chapters Unit A 3-4 from the Book “I Love Islam 1” Answer the questions Page A29 and Page A39
D) Trace and copy the following pages

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