Revise and prepare for next week exam. Your exam will include the last four lessons:

  1. مِلحٌ أم سُكَّرٌ؟       (Page 34-39)
  2. في المتجَرِ الكبيرِ  (Page 40-47)
  3. ما أَجْملَ الثَّلجَ       (Page 48-53)
  4. ضُحى مريضَةٌ      (Page 54-59)

Prepare these four lessons in terms of:

  • Reading       on    في المتجَرِ الكبيرِ
  • Spelling        on   ضُحى مريضَةٌ
  • New vocabularies from all four lessons
  • Grammar and exercises within each of these.



Revise and prepare  the first two lessons in the grammar book (2). that is up to Page 14.