Assalam Alaikum,

The Arabic home works:

  • Norania method : Please revise lesson 13 (تدريبات على الشدة) and try to spell few words .
  • Write 2 times the paragraph on the page 112.
  • Do the exercises on the page 114 and 115
  • Do the spelling test on page 115
  • Do the exercises on the DVD.

The Quran home works:

  • Understand the pronunciation of the Arabic letters ie: where the letters coming out from your moth.
  • stand in front of mirror with the sketch in your hand , put a ء in front of the letter and a سكون on the letter  you want to pronounce and pronounce the letter looking at the mirror say for letter ب you say (AB), you will realise  that the ءب is pronounced from ب letter the lips and so on.


  • Please go to Internet: write on Google Search Al-Bayan Week End Tutorial
  • Go to selection Bars on RHS, Select Syllabus , select al-Quran Studies, select for Mobile or Laptop, select the Reciter الشيخ محمود الحصري المعلم
  • Select Translation meaning English of Arabic.
  • Select surfah Al-Fatiha, child to listen daily 10 times minimum by repeating after the Shaikh Al-Hussary Al Mualim
  • Select Surah Al-Nabaa النبأ , Listen to المعلم شيخ محمد الحصري recitation by following the shaikh with your Quran open on the surah and repeat with the shaikh all the surah 1o times minimum daily till you can read the surah fluently.
  • Understand verse 1 to 15.