Assalam alaikum

the Arabic home works:

  • Read and write 2 time the paragraph page 108.
  • Do the exercise on the book page 110-111
  • do the exercises on the DVD
  • spelling test page 111
  • draw a tree and name the part of it in Arabic.

The Quran home home works:

  • Understand the pronunciation of the following letters  where the letters are coming out from your mouth ie:( ب م و  ض – غ خ ع ح  ء ه)
  • Elongation letters ا و ي
  • Dear Parents:

please go to the Internet write on google search AL-Bayan week End Tutorial School. Org.Uk, go to section Bars on the RHS , select syllabus Al- for Mobile or Laptop, Select the reciter الشيخ محمود الحصري المعلم , select  1 surah Al-Fatiha, Child to  listen daily 10 times by repeating after Shaikh Al-Hussary  Al Mualim.

  • Find from Surah Al-Fatiha Izhar rule of Noon Sakina or Tanween.
  • Select Surah Al-Nabaa النبأ, listen to Shaikh Hussary, recitation by following the Shaikh with Quran open on the Surah and repeat with Shaikh الشيخ محمد الحصري