Assaalm Alaikum :

Arabic home works:

  • spell a few words from Norania method page 25 and 26
  • write 2 time the paragraph on the Arabic book page 122
  • Do the exercises in the book page 124 and 125
  • Do the spelling test on page 125
  • Do the exercises in the DVD.
  • Find 5 words with the letter ض

َQuran home works:

  • Quran Recitation:  Students are advised to Download the Quran software bellow:
  • for  Shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary Al-Mualim  الشيخ محمود الحصري المعلم
  • software  1) محفظ الوجهين : You can learn from Shaikh Mahmoud Al-Hussary , recite to the software ,listen to your recitation , explanation in Arabic or English, Go to the setting and  tick the meaning in Arabic or English and the number of the Aya you want to be repeated etc…
  • Software 2)Ayat أيات: Similarly,  so select Shaikh Hussary Al- Mualim, select the transition the number you want the Aya to be repeated etc..,
  • تسميع: you can recite the Quran in this software and it will correct your recitation .
  • Revise Al-Fatiha with the meaning of 7 Ayats , Surah Al Nass with meaning ———> till ——> Surah Al- Asr.
  • Read surah Al-Nabaa , repeat after Shaikh Hussary Al-Mualim  till you read the Quran like him.

Have a Lovely half term and be well and safe .